A Claire Wig

Custom Wigs At It's Finest

You cannot compare a Custom Claire / Accuhair wig to any other wig sold as custom. It’s not by accident that The New York Times called this wig “The Rolls Royce of Human Hair Wigs.”

A Claire Custom wig is crafted especially for you from the very first moment. Every woman has a unique head shape so our first step is to create a custom form of your head and using that, we design a beautifully hand crafted foundation that will caress your head in comfort. Our artists examine the root directions of your hair so that we can duplicate that pattern in the finished wig.

No matter what your hair color, your natural hair is actually a subtle blend of over 15 colors so we actually blend the hair duplicating your colors so the finished product will look as much as you as possible.

We use only 100% natural unprocessed hair that has not been stripped of its important components by chemical means. Using unprocessed hair requires many more steps and time in manufacturing but absolutely nothing looks as natural as natural unprocessed hair.

Then, our own artists hand tie each hair into the foundation, duplicating the root direction of your natural hair. A hand tied wig is far lighter and much more comfortable than wigs assembled by machine. A lifelike part is part of our custom wigs so that the hair looks like its growing out of your scalp. Many customers request a lace front which makes the front hairline look like it’s growing out of your forehead. Nobody has the experience to make a first class front hairline like Claire Accuhair.

We use the lightest yet durable materials so that the wig is comfortable to wear all day long. At every step of the way you are consulted because your input is a most valuable part of the creation process. Our goal is to make you look great and love how you look.

Our final step is to cut your wig on your head. Claire / Accuhair is known for having the finest wig cutters and hair stylists in the industry. This finishing touch insures that the final product will make you look stunning and natural. We even teach you how to properly wear and care for your new Claire / Accuhair custom masterpiece so that you’ll enjoy it for many years to come. Many of the Claire / Accuhair custom made wigs we service regularly today were created decades ago, a testament to the quality of our manufacturing process.

Why would you want to settle for less than perfection with your new wig?

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