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I got Claire 2 years ago and it's beautiful. I don't wear wigs much, but when I do I get so many compliments on it. They measured it, fixed the cap to the size of my had, added highlights and a cut and it was included in the purchase price. The girl who cuts- gave me advice and styled it exactly the way I liked it. I have a friend who is a sheitelmacher and she told me that was a great, great deal on a sheitel.


I have a Claire Contessa and 4 yrs later ppl are constantly asking me if I got a new sheitel. I literally get it washed 2x a yr. I am so happy with it


I have a nouvia (not sure how to spell it) and love it. I get tons of compliments on it. I have it almost a year and half and I love it so much. It is super comfortable and looks great. It's also very low maintanance. I've only gotten it washed twice. Its my shabbos sheital so I only really wear it once a week and to weddings, but it still looks great and hasn't been washed since June (which is kind of gross, but for some reason., this sheital just doesn't need it). My mom (married 41 yrs bli ayin hara) also loves Claire's. She says everytime she tries someone else, she always ends up back at claire.


I bought a custom and a contessa from Claire. I also recently ordered a new shaitel from their Mixie line and I have been thrilled with the quality of hair, the service and the customization they offer. As I am a hard color, I have yet to find a shaitel macher that matched the color so exactly, fit their net so exactly and serviced the wig until I was completely satisfied with the end result. I would recommend them any day.


I’d never had a sheitel I liked, so when my daughter became a kallah I asked around and got the most consistently positive feedback about Claire Accuhair. Once I saw what they were selling I decided to get my own for the chassunah.


“I got married 12 yrs ago this coming June, and for my first 2 shaitles I got contessas. they were without a doubt the best 2 shaitles i ever had! everything she said is 100% true!! it never got knotted and i ALWAYS washed and set them myself. was sow low maintenance!! and they lasted me 10 yrs!!! my sister in law got married 1 yr after me and she also got a contessa. her shaitle is still going strong and of all her shaitles, she will tell you her contessa is by far her best piece.

New York Magazine

A classic bride is sent out in a blonde number whose Shirley Temple curls end halfway down her back. The effect is electric.


Finally, a custom wig that is really custom, and virgin unprocessed hair that is truly virgin and unprocessed. I've been shopping for wigs for a long time now, and I finally found the right place. The difference is notable.

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